New Years Resolution

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!  With a new year comes a clean slate, and let's face it, 2009 was kind to few.  So with 2010 getting into gear, how about a little bit of brainstorming for new years resolutions?!

Whether you believe in them or not, the idea behind it is that a new year breeds new habits, so now is the time to try to improve your old ways (present company included).  One way to start is to think back on the past year and generalize a few areas that you might feel need some improving.  

Once you've come up with a topic or two to focus on, brainstorm some realistic, clear, and measurable resolutions for the year.  For example, I have two resolutions, to stay better hydrated, and to blog more often.  But simply saying those two things to myself won't lead to action.  So instead, my resolutions are to drink at least 2-3 glasses of water a day, and to blog a minimum of once a week (but really to try to blog 6+ times/month).  

When we put realistic numbers into our resolutions, we are more likely to reach our aspirations.  Keep this in mind while setting your goals for the year.  

Happy New Year!  May we keep our resolutions together!