Nighttime Sweet Tooth?

Sweets to End the Day

Find yourself battling that craving late in the day?  Many people find that having that something sweet to end the day brings a sort of closure to their food that day.  If you find yourself in this predicament here are some tips to help you make more healthful and balanced choices.  

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oetzel Foods.

  • Pick up whipped yogurt in your favorite flavors and freeze them.  These will have less calories, and more vitamins than your regular ice cream.  Plus it makes for a fun experiment.
  • Fruits have natural sugars in them.  When you purchase fruits cut them up and place them in the fridge so that when you feel a craving for something sweet coming, reaching for the fruit is just as easy as reaching for other snacks.
  • Three words: Sugar free jello
  • Combine fat free vanilla yogurt, a little bit of peanut butter, and some brown sugar.  Now you have delicious dip for apple slices.
  • Enjoy some dark chocolate.  70% cacao or greater provide antioxidant health benefits but remember that it's still chocolate!
  • Hard candy (sugar free or otherwise) provide already portioned options for a lasting sweet bite.  


Hope these tips help!  What other solutions do you find work for you?