One Giant Leap for Nutrition-kind

Exciting News!

What started off as an "I heard on the news..." from a colleague became wonderful news just yesterday.  It seems that the Chicago Tribune printed an article referencing just the information I was looking for (don't worry, I'll get to it in a moment).  Since I was raised on the advice, "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you read" I was happy to source this information.  

For the very first time in history (I can very confidently say that), total sales of whole wheat bread surpassed white bread last month (July 2010).  Marketing and health messages regarding whole grain products are truly getting through!  I am genuinely excited to see the numbers move after seeing years of explanation and health marketing regarding the characteristics and benefits of whole grain/100% whole wheat products.  In the 52 week period leading up to July, the Nielsen Company recorded that wheat bread sales increased 0.6% to $2.6 billion while white bread sales dropped 7% to $2.5 billion.  While white bread still surpasses wheat bread in sales volume, it shows that some consumers are putting their buying power in the basket of of the health conscious.  Now that's a trend I like to see!


What do you think of this shift in public health?  Do you focus on trying to buy whole grain products?!