It's Time for Winter to Mean Health

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Although it's natural for most people to let their energy sway with the changing seasons here are some tips to help keep winter as part of your healthy lifestyle.


  • Maintain the exercise schedule.  Even if that means a less intense workout, keeping up the schedule is every bit as important.  Some ideas: elbow-grease cleaning, [window] shopping (ahem mall walking), doing simple weight and ab exercises in the home, home TV workouts (many cable packages include free workouts), exercise DVDs or tapes, jumping rope and lunges, two words: gym buddy.
  • Breakfast as the comfort meal.  Turn that desire for comfort food into a healthy energy-charged meal in the morning.  Load up on hearty oatmeal, granola, nuts, berries, [Greek] yogurt, veggie omelets, and the like.  Starting out with a nice warm breakfast will fuel you for the day and meet that desire for the comfort foods of winter-time.  
  • De-stress.  Winter is a nice time to focus on family, spend quality time with loved ones, and focus on support systems.  Develop healthy habits and traditions with family that can be maintained throughout the year.  Whole grains, fresh produce, and natural whole foods will help prevent anxiety-producing spikes in blood sugar that can be caused by sugary and processed foods.