New Dietary Guidelines for Americans!

The USDA released a new set of Dietary Guidelines for Americans yesterday.  The Guidelines are updated every five years and this is the first time in history that the Guidelines urgently address an unhealthy public.  With two-thirds of Americans overweight or obese, it is incredibly important to focus on the overall pattern of eating.  The American Dietetics Association came out in support of the new Guidelines and their emphasis on the consumption of "nutrient dense foods and beverages".  

The following press release focuses on the ADA's support of the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans: [PR NewsWire] an interesting read for anyone wanting to delve into some of the details.

The new Guidelines took into consideration national health surveillance data, professional opinions of the nation's leading health organizations, and direct feedback from US citizens.  

The Guidelines emphasize the following:

  • Healthy balance approach to weight management
  • Recognition of the total pattern of eating for individuals
  • Cultural and ethnic considerations
  • Food cost and availability/access issues
  • Evidence-based approaches to lifestyle changes for health