Nutrition as a Lifestyle

A Healthy Journey

I was recently able to give a talk to about 30 Rotarians here in CT, and with nutrition as a topic there was a wide array of possibilities for me to discuss.  I decided to focus on the concept of making nutrition part of a healthy lifestyle.  The term dieting can be quite scary for people, and I think that the negative connotation exists that it means deprivation for a specific period of time.

Well nutrition and health doesn't work that way in my mind, and I have found that when the positive impact of nutrition is the focus of discussion people are better able to connect the dots and feel encouraged.  The next step becomes creating action steps to make it a little bit easier in the day to day to be healthy.

Healthy Living Tips


Right when you get home from the grocery store, cut and store fresh vegetables and fruit in the fridge so that they're ready to go.  This way next time you are reaching for a snack those healthy options are no "work" at all.  Thoughtlessly easy!

At time of eating:

Drink plenty of fluids!  Hunger and thirst cues in the body are very similar and often hard for us to differentiate.  Staying hydrated is key to reducing unnecessary calories in the diet.  Drink 1-2 cups (mix in some lemon for flavor) before dining out and it may just help you slow down on the bread basket.


Enjoy the experience of eating and conversing with your family and friends.  I know it sounds like a no-brainer, but with our busy schedules don't let food become something that is meaningless.  You deserve better than that!

Nutrition Philosophy

Tell me about your nutrition philosophy...  I feel that integrating healthy choices into your everyday is going to make for improved energy balance and mood.  Nutrition and healthy living should be a positive experience, not a state of deprivation!  Please tell me what you do to make your everyday healthyful and nutritious.  Share some of your tips below!