Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone!  Sorry to not have written in awhile but December was quite the month for me.  I had my tonsils taken out almost two weeks ago now and have been laying low to recoup since.  Which meant packing in my work assignments and holiday shopping into the first two weeks of the month.  Phew.

I received a very sweet e-mail from a class from a community organization out in Wisconsin (I think?) and I wanted to reach out and comment on it.  A class at the Elm Grove Community Center was assigned to look into resources for wellness, nutrition, and staying fit and they wrote to tell me that they felt my resources page has some great links.  To Elm Grove, thank you.  I curated that page in the most ethical fashion, as one of my pet peeves is dissemination of quality information.  Nutrition based on the science.  This field is often wrought with poeple or ogranizations pushing fads that aren't healthy or nutritious for a buck, so thank you for appreciating the top-of-the-line science in nutrition.

This class also sent along a link to resources that they felt would be a nice addition to my resources page.  http://www.sofasandsectionals.com/get-off-couch   This page has links to a lot of different health and wellness topics under three main categories: Get Active, For Parents, and Be Healthy.  

I looked through a portion of the links and they link to reputable sources (public health organizations, community/educational organizations such as PBS, and governmental resources such as the CDC).  As this class requested I add this link to my resources page, I have this response:  I will comb through the links and expand to my resources with what you have provided me, however I'm sorry I will not be linking directly to the sofa page as it is a private company in the sales business.  

Thank you again for reading and sharing, that is what community is about.  Hope everyone enjoys a happy and healthy new year!!