Healthy on the Road

I'm going to be making a quick trip this weekend to see some friends and family and I wanted to reiterate how important it is to stay healthy when taking a trip!  Here are some tips to help get you started...Photo courtesy of

  1. Eat a balanced breakfast in the morning.  It will help energize you for the day ahead.  A mix of whole grains/fruit for fiber and nutrients with a low fat protein sources to keep you full for hours will do just the trick.
  2. Keep water on hand!  I realize this could throw a wrench in the whole minimal-rest-stops goal of traveling but it is usually hard for us to pick out when we're thirsty and when we're hungry, especially when we're just sitting around.  Keeping water on hand will allow you to sip away and keep yourself hydrated and unknowingly satiated for longer.  It will replace munching on those discretionary calories!
  3. Plan ahead to minimize snack foods.  Planning to have snacks on hand that are healthy will help when the small convenience store catches your eye.  Popcorn, sliced veggies, whole fruits, pretzels, and trail mixes can all be great options.  Traveling takes a lot of energy so don't reach for the sugary snacks that will send you on a blood sugar roller coaster and suck the energy right out of you...  Remember the tortoise and the hare?  The one that, ahem, feeds their body slow and steady wins the race.


Hope those help!  What are some other strategies you employ to stay healthy when traveling?