Nutrition Math: Add Healthy First

When Plus Turns Into Minus

One great strategy that I have learned is that sometimes it's easier to add something in instead of cutting something out when it comes to great food.  The important part is to make sure those switches are well worth it and are working for you and your body over the long term.  Adding food that contains fiber, water, and nutrients is really the key.  

The NHANES Surveys (a national survery conducted that asks questions about health habits, nutrition, and physical activity) have told us time and time again the fruit and vegetable consumption in the US is below the Dietary Guidelines.  32% of Americans get the recommended two or more servings of fruit daily while 26% get the recommended three or more servings of vegetables daily.  Come on America, I think we can do a little bit better than that...  

How to Make a Change

Thinking of snacking on something?  Or feeling hungry before you start cooking dinner?  Adding in a healthy piece of fruit, fresh cut peppers with salsa, celery and hummus, or other healthy items can help.  The thing about this whole adding fruits and vegetables piece is that they are wonderful sources of nutrients and often help to replace the volume of something else that might be eaten; making them volume-filling, nutritious and calorically-cheap.  

I do want to reiterate that I'm not asking you to cut out part of dinner or your snack...  Simply start by adding.  You'd be surprised by how making a positive change will in turn impact some of those bad eating habits.