Local Farming - Way to go Stamford!

Stamford: The City that Works

Most of you who know me, know that I grew up in Stamford; a 120,000 person-or-so city in southwestern CT that is just close enough to NYC to have great commerce, culture, and Fortune 100 business, but also just far enough to be suburbia away from the big city.  I am very proud to say that in this 'city that works', we have a local farm going in (close to downtown) that is challenging the way most think about food and food production.

Sclafani Brands Farm is currently farming fresh produce for this city - fresh tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, winter squash, etc.  Produce that you essentially can watch grow in your backyard, purchase in your backyard, and then eat in your backyard.  While this is not revolutionary, I absolutely adore the philosophy behind this farm and the way in which Bruce Sclafani is able to so eloquently verbalize it in simple fashion.

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I usually provide links in my blogs to things I feel are important and that are one of a few things: 1. Will help you learn something in greater depth.  2. Will help you understand why it's important to challenge the status quo.  3. Will help you to take the next steps in making your health a priority.

This is one article that hits the bulls eye for number two.  Please read and let me know your thoughts!

And for you local Fairfield County folk... See you at the farmstand!