Menu Labeling Broadening Healthy Options

Posting Calories, Fat, and Sodium

Well it looks like taking an enviornmental approach to the obesity epidemic - which cost the American economy an estimated $117 billion in 2010 - is starting to impact retail and restaurant options.  In a recent study done in Kings County, Washington, consumers are increasing demand for healthier options in response to knowing what it is that they're eating.

“We did find evidence of a decrease in energy, saturated fat, and sodium content after the implementation of menu regulations for items that were on the menu at both time periods,” reports Dr. Bruemmer. “We also saw a trend for healthier alternatives across all entrées over time, but only in the sit-down restaurants.”

Given the reach of the obesity epidemic here in the US, I'm a big believer in the total approach.  I think it is important for us to make the environment in which we live less obesogenic and for consumers to make informed decisions.


[Sidenote: I had no good images for this particular blog on hand, so this Rubiks cube of pork and cheese is a small shoutout to my belovedly left-brained brother who turned 22 today.  Happy birthday Derek!]