Tips for Healthier Cooking Practices

Creating a healthy lifestyle starts at the grocery store with food selection, but extends itself into the kitchen with the utilization of healthy cooking practices.  Here are some tips for ways to retain flavor and nutrition, but cut out excess fat, cholesterol, sugar, and calories.Photo courtesy of pinterest board

Cooking Methods:

  • Poach - immerse skinless chicken or fish in liquid
  • Roast - place meat on a rack so that the fat can drip off and use basting liquids that are low in salt and sugar (lemon juice, wine, low sodium juices/sauces)
  • Grill/broil - place meat on a rack for the same principle: fat drips off
  • Steam - place veggies over simmering water
  • Bake - can use covered cookwear with extra liquid, (or! use parchment paper to create a bag/covered pouch and place a cut of fish with some antipasti or chopped vegetables in - the vegetables will release fluid for the fish to cook in, creating a very lean meal)
  • Stir-fry - start with a little non-fat cooking spray or olive oil and sautee onions/garlic/etc.  Then build on that with vegetables (frozen is great for this), drained/rinsed beans, etc.  Top it off with your preference of whole wheat grains (quinoa, brown rice, whole whet pasta) for a healthy meal. 


Additional Food Tips:

  • Buy the 97% fat free ground red meat and turkey meat.  Per one pound add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of water.  It will add moisture for a better end-product while keeping the lean profile and ensuring you're eating unstaturated fatty acids over the saturated ones.
  • Steam or bake vegetables for better nutrient retention as compared to boiling them.
  • Use one egg yolk with several egg whites for a healthier, high-protein version of your morning eggs.
  • Use your spice rack!  I know it can be intimidating, but using herbs and spices over the traditional use of salt in cooking is an important habit to create for yourself, and your family!


What tips do you have to share?!  You can also check out this pinterest board I made with smart and helpful tips and exchanges.  [The image at the right is on there!]  I am learning more and more about food substitutions in cooking (ex. greek yogurt for mayo or sour cream in recipes) and there are truly helpful tips available online.