Keep it Clean



I recently had a centenarian as a patient and at the end of our conversation I said, "Congratulations on being a centenarian!  Can I just ask - what's your secret?" (I love this question).  With a beaming smile he replied, "Keep on smiling and laughing.  And keep it clean.  No smoking, no drinking, moderation with good food."

First of all, how adorable?!  Secondly, and more importantly, how positive and simple!  It was wonderful to hear that he was able to approach his own health without any confusion or doubt.  Keep it clean.  Hearing those three words from a 102 year old made me feel like I was being told the secret to life-long well being.  It isn't always simple to execute but a time-tested approach.

As a dietitian one of my personal mantras is to try to make health and nutrition simpler and easier for my clients.  Eating clean, real food accomplishes exactly that.  I understand it takes more time and effort in terms of planning, preparation, and cooking, but look at the birhgt side... You'll feel better and can pronouce the names/ingredients of what you're consuming!

Happy Monday all!