Fruits and Veggies - Seasonality Charts

Part of enjoying fruits and vegetables is consuming them when they are in season and provide the best flavor.  Although learning about seasonality can be somewhat intimidating at first, it's well worth the investment to learn about the fruits and veggies you enjoy and incorporate into meal planning the most so that you know when to look out for them and when to steer clear because the quality just isn't there.  

I have an interesting new adventure I'm going to be sharing in the next few weeks and months, and part of that has included doing research on sasonality.  Although said final product is going to be much more fun, informative and comprehensive, here are some great charts from CUESA, a non-profit out in California that focuses on cultivating a sustainable food system.  Each photo below acts as a link to these charts.

Seasonality Charts:

Photo acts as direct link to CUESA Fruit Seasonality Chart

Photo acts as direct Link to CUESA Vegetable Seasonality Chart