A Trip Abroad: Budapest and Prague

Sorry for being MIA from the blogosphere for awhile!  I went on a trip abroad and enjoyed being mostly unplugged (save for a few mins of wifi here and there).  I still have to go through all of my pictures and will be sure to include some on here as a follow-up post.  :)  

My initial thoughts on the trip:

Budapest: Beautiful, friendly, clean, manageable, accessible.  Many spoke English, signs were also in English, it had beautiful open streets that felt friendly and it reminded me of Boston in a lot of ways.  I had my first marketplace haggling experience which was kind of fun.  They also layered a lot of symbolism and history into all parts of the construction of the city which was very interesting to learn about.

Prague: Stunning.  Simply stunning to walk along the cobblestone roads and see the architecture.  The city was also very manageable from a size perspective and walking all over the place was so enjoyable.  Prague was slightly less manageable from an English speaking perspective (but still fine), had great food (mmmnnnn...) and they sure loved their beer.  Pilsner Urquel and Staropramen are everywhere!