Resources: Top Fitness Apps

With the changing weather I've been super into hiking outdoors recently, but some of these apps helped get me through this long winter and stay fit!

  1. DailyBurn – exercise video workouts, free
  2. YogaStudio – 15/30/60 minute yoga classes available at several levels, $2.99
  3. Fitness Buddy: Exercise Workout Journal – over 1700 exercise ideas/moves and track progress, $2.99
  4. Fitness+Plus – fitness tips from health professionals, free
  5. Daily Cardio Workout – 5-10 minute workout videos on various exercises, free
  6. Daily Arm Workout – 5-10 minute workout videos targeting arms, free
  7. Daily Yoga: Lose Weight, Get Relief – 10/15/20/30 minute yoga sequences at several levels, free