Trends in Nutrition Tech

Recipe Widgets and Development

Food photography and recipes continue to be a major brand-building tool for Registered Dietitians and Nutrition Professionals.  Aggregating these in one place (a la Healthy Aperture), seamless website integration (a la Wordpress tools and the like), and providing easy organization of steps and ingredients for user print and go are all very popular trends right now - and the tools just keep getting better!

Coaching, Not Just Tracking

Tracking steps, calories, meals, % carbohydrate, grams of protein - the list goes on and while the average user likes seeing this information and can begin to see trends emerge, said user doesn't often know how to create an action plan from this information.  Slowly and continually enacting a plan to become healthier is the key.  This is why we see a lot of apps emerging using health coaches to prod us along that route.  

Just remember, if you have very specific, individualized, nutrition and health questions, you should be speaking with a Registered Dietitian as they are the premiere professional licensed to provide individualized medical nutrition therapy (think: drink more water, good job on the serving of veggies with dinner is appropriate for a health coach versus let's focus on high quality, low-glycemic index foods and sufficient fat/protein for blood sugar management at meals, or understanding high potassium and low sodium foods/meal planning for blood pressure management is appropriate for a discussion with an RDN).

Increasing Touch Points of Care and Incentivization

At this point with healthcare shifting to value-based care and physicians becoming more 'on the hook' for their patients' health and behavioral decisions, the powers that be are concerned, and trying to figure out a solution.  We will see more companies that utilize the premiere healthcare professional (yay RDNs - currently only about 5% are credentialed with insurance companies!) and try to increase touch points with the patient.  More RDNs in physician offices, more tools for phone and video support (read telehealth reimbursement and improvements in interstate provision legislation), more healthcare dollars that have the ability to shift to healthy food purchases, emphasizing using food for chronic disease management, etc. are just some examples of what's ahead.  This is a very interesting time in this space, one that clearly excites me personally as my company, Sitraa, is aiming to make an impact in this space.  

What are some trends you are seeing emerge in nutrition tech??  I'd love to hear.