Children's Cooking Academy

Kids Cooking Academy

Kudos to Frigidaire

I applaud private companies that work to improve the community.  Frigidaire has partnered with Save the Children (an incredible organization! I am consistently impressed with them - plus my mom works for them!) to create a children's Cooking Academy.  

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An online vault with video tutorials, recipes and tips for safely including children into the kitchen helps to establish the importance of healthy foods, basic cooking skills, and the togetherness of family.  

If you have children of your own, want to enter for the chance to win a Free Range Oven (hello benefits of corporate sponsorship), or just want to check it out for the sake of supporting the cause, feel free to visit their site.  

We've reached the point where we need to make the time to change our kitchen habits.  Real food requires real kitchen actions in order to really enjoy it.