Corporate Sponsorship

The Kraft Cheese and Kids Eat Right Foundation MESS

As you may have seen in recent headlines, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation accepted an undisclosed amount of money from Kraft in a "partnership" that was intended to promote proper intake of Calcium and Vitamin D in children, but resulted in the Kids Eat Right logo on their Kraft singles processed cheese product packaging.

This is, quite simply, awful.  It has upset myself and thousands of other dietitians who are making their voices heard.  I feel it's important to fight for professional integrity and transparency.  There is no room for accepting sponsorship money from big food in today's agriculture and health environment.

An open letter has been written to the Academy to repeal the seal and create transparency in their (hopefully soon to be discontinued) corporate sponsorship practices.  If you support us in this, please click and sign!

#RepealtheSeal Petition on