2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans*

There was a lot of uproar the past week or so about the newly published 2015 Dietary Guidelines.  I have to say that I am disappointed in the negative conversation that has been going on for a few reasons:

First, they may not have accomplished everything I was hoping for as a healthcare professional, but the DGA are certainly moving in the right direction (lowering sodium a bit, adding advice on added sugars, loosening advice on cholesterol).

Second, it is meant simply as population advice and not individualized advice.  Please go see a Registered Dietitian to have a meaningful, individualized conversation about your needs and strategies to enact those changes.  The DGA helps set standards for the National School Lunch Program, the National School Breakfast Program, helps guide %DV on food labels, and provides some talking points and guidance for healthcare professionals, but nothing more.

Third, you can do something about it!  You can comment during the next comment period (I certainly did this last go-around) what recommendations feel most important to you.  You can help move the guidelines forward by meeting your basic nutrition needs (yes, actually getting 5+ servings of fruits and veggies every day) so that as the population as a whole gets healthier, the guidelines can become more complex (maybe one day we'll see commentary on ratio of omega 3s:omega 6s).

*Title links to eatright.org's video explaining the DGA.

Happy and healthy eating y'all!