Supermarket Savvy & the Taste of Eating 'Right'

Happy National Nutrition Month all!

This year, the theme for NNM is 'Enjoy the taste of eating right!', and I just love that sentiment because food tastes great.  There are a plethora of flavors out there, and as an honest foodie, it makes me sad when I hear about people being addicted to three things: salt, sugar, fat.  This isn't because they don't have interesting flavor properties, it's because they tend to dominate, and start to slowly drown out a lot of other amazing flavors.

Real food tastes great.  Real herbs, spices, produce, eggs, cheese, poultry/meat/fish.  And the list goes on... All great.  The awesome bonus to this is the role that good food can play in meeting health goals.  That means that your health goals can be reached by eating real, whole foods.  This is not an accident.  I always joke to patients that if they were busy eating their recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, they'd have little room for 'the crap'.  We laugh together, but I mean it.  

Learning how to properly grocery shop, stock a pantry, make a meal out of a few basic ingredients, and utilize a few basic knife and cooking techniques are essential life tools.  Essential life tools that become part of your roadmap to 'eating right'.

Some great resources I love to help get you there!

  • Supermarket Savvy: A virtual tool for healthier shopping aimed at consumers, chefs, and RDNs!
  • Meal Makeover Moms: Two RDN's that have dedicated their careers to developing family-friend cookbooks and spreading the news on necessary tools for a healthy kitchen.
  • MyPlate Healthy Eating on a Budget: From the MyPlate messaging, tip sheets and tools to help with meal planning for the budget-conscious household.
  • Fruits and Veggies More Matters: This public health campaign is the most important thing you can learn for meal planning.  And seasonality matters.  I beg you to check out the site and use their tools!
  • Whole Foods Healthy Cooking Guide: Great tools for the visual learner - watch their healthier cooking videos to master new kitchen techniques and use their whole grains guide to rotate in new options.
  • Healthy Aperture: A foodie-nutrition community of health & food bloggers that have uploaded their recipes with beautiful photos.  Your new free cookbook complete with professional input.
  • Fruitable: Ever wonder how to pick and store fruits and vegetables?  Use this website (launching an app soon!) to figure it out!

Have any other ones to add to the list?!  Happy cooking, and more importantly, happy healthy eating!

The Return of Food for Thought

Hello all!  I have something exciting to announce!  I am going to write a monthly column for Carolyn Rubenstein's blog, "A Beautiful Ripple Effect".  

Carolyn is such an incredible person and someone that I feel lucky to have entered my life.  She is so giving and has already left a footprint that means so much to others - having authored Perseverance, having started a non-profit that focused on benefitting young adult cancer survivors, and now working on a PhD in psychology.  Phew, can someone say superwoman?  Check out her blog for insights and inspiration on living an authentic life.

So please check out the new column!  I'm starting off with my interpretation of the National Nutrition Month theme; 'Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day'.  Thanks for the support everyone!


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Happy National Nutrition Month!

March is National Nutrition Month!

The theme this year is Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day!  It is a nice reminder that health and wellness isn't cookie-cutter.  The key to good health is to make your habits, your level of physicial activity, and your recipe book work for you towards that goal.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has some great resources online which I encourage you to check out all month long!   ---> 

Happy NNM to you!

Happy National Nutrition Month!

Nutrition From the Ground Up

The theme for this year's NNM is "Nutrition From the Ground Up" so this month I will try to bring you posts that deliver exactly that.  In this complicated world of food where tens of thousands of options exist when we walk into the grocery store, please remember that complex isn't always better.  It's time to come back to the basics with food and nutrition.

Image courtesy of the ADA.Food Can Be Simple

Remember how satisfying eating whole foods is?  Instead of trying to inspect every label and count up your calories, fat, sodium, and protein as the day goes on, try returning so the 'oldie but goodies'.  Whole fruits, whole vegetables, whole grain bread, rice, and pasta products, lean meats, fish, poultry, beans, and low-fat dairy products are items to keep in mind as you shop and plan your meals.  This return to whole foods will help maintain a consistent stream of energy throughout the day, help fill you up on nutritious and fiber-rich foods, and may lead to a healthier weight maintenance.  



I challenge you to eat as many whole foods as you can this month.  You may find that eating closer to the earth allows you to enjoy the rich natural flavors of each food as it was grown and intended, that balancing your meals becomes easier because there's less calculating involved, and that with the introduction of more nutritious and wholesome energy sources you have less energy swings throughout the day.  Good luck!  I'll be doing the same myself.  Please let me know of any comments, questions, or hurdles along the way!