Let's Move

Apps for Healthy Kids - Voting Time!

Let's Move!

One part of Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative is to fuse the ever-changing face of technology with health.  The Apps for Healthy Kids challenge was created to encourage innovative, fun and engaging technology to help children and families make healthier and more active decisions day in and day out.  With about $60,000 total in prizes being awarded, I encourage you to take a look through the applications that have been created and vote on your favorites today!

Voting will be open until August 14th.  Vote here now!

Let's Move

Let's Move Campaign

I watched the press conference live from the White House today announcing the Let's Move Campaign that Michelle Obama has initiated to combat the rising rates of Childhood Obesity.  Kudos Michelle!  With the partnership of athletes, schools, and both private and public organizations to bring together resources and momentum.  

I believe in this mission so wholeheartedly I can't wait to see where this goes right as I enter the field!

Check it out!