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Your Nutrition How-To Before 'I Do'

In my ongoing effort to stand on the shoulders of giants within this nutrition realm, I love the supportive network of RDNs that are part of the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group.  I recently learned about one of these RDNs, Carlene Thomas, who runs her own company called Healthyfully Ever After.  

She is doing some fantastic work as she demystifies nutrition and helps brides focus on feeling great for their big day.  She is launching her first E-book and if this time in your life is approaching or a big event that you want to feel fab for is on the horizon, I'd definitely recommend checking it out.  Happy healthy reading!


New Year. New You. Next Week.

Hey everyone!  Happy New Year!  My Christmas and New Years holiday/hiatus was decently low key - so enjoyable to spend time with good friends and family.  Hope you rang in the new year with wistful optimism of the opportunities 2014 beholds.  Check out my Twitter feed (@wittynutrition) for my New Year's themes (no more resolutions)!

I'm hoping to help propagate momentum for a fellow RD in her effort to launch an awesome book that she wrote.  Yes, she wrote a book, and it's being published, and it's awesome.  


Younger Next Week: Your Ultimate Rx to Reverse the Clock, Boost Energy and Look and Feel Younger in 7 Days

Elisa Zied, MS, RD, CDN (check out her website) wrote this book for the modern day warrior woman trying to do it all and still feel great.  Vitality is a huge part of our health and she is able to break down the science of good food, healthy beverages, adequate sleep, and invigorating exercise into digestible pieces for you to apply to your life.  

Her vitality plan uses sound nutrition science (always one of my pet peeves) to empower the reader to use food and lifestyle to feel more energized and less stressed.  She has a beautifully soothing way of walking you through each food group, identifying common health concerns, pointing out the nutrition science, and providing useful tips to help motivate change.  

This information culminates in a 7 Day Vitality Plan that draws a blueprint for eating, teaches you how to balance each food group, and provides recipes to help make good, healthy meal ideas accesible.  I personally plan to use her 7-day vitality plan blueprint - a 'handy chart' - as an awesome visual to use with clients (sorry Elisa - promise I'll credit you!!).  I also really enjoyed the Stressipes which gave extra tips - such as how to curb food cravings - and the "Vital Prescriptions" in each chapter that easily summarized the main points on the topic.

So in all honesty, this book is fabulous, and is a great resource for everyone: from those just starting to learn about nutrition, to those kickstarting their new years resolutions, to clinicians working with outpatient and weight management populations.  

With a new year, make a new you, and use her 7-day plan to help get you there. 

Women's Nutrition - The Big Four

Calling all female attention!  Are you sure you're getting the most important nutrients for you?  As women we have specific nutritional needs for optimal growth and function throughout our lifespan.  So how do you think you're doing when it comes to these nutrients and lifestyle changes?


Calcium is very important for bone health as women are at a greater risk for osteoporosis than men.  Bone mineral accretion (in other words, the most important years for intake) lasts from the teen years into early thirties ... and then it's all about maintaining it with regular intake of calcium and weight-bearing exercise.

Calcium sources: [low-fat!] dairy products, spinach, kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, fortified soy milk and orange juice, quinoa, chard


Iron is a mineral that plays a role in oxygenation of the blood supply.  On top of being a mineral that is often consumed in insufficienct amounts, women experience monthly losses during menstruation.  This can lead to various types of anemia and fatigue.

Iron sources: [lean!] red meats, dark poultry, shellfish, soybeans & products, spinach, lentils, iron-fortified cereals

Complex Carbohydrates

Focus on maintaining a healthy intake of this [type of] macronutrient as it boosts serotonin levels for more even-keeled energy.  Plus you get all the benefits of higher fiber for heart and intestinal health.  Foods in this category include fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, whole wheat bread.  In fact, for the most optimal energy levels throughout the day, take this principle, and use it at every...

Meal.  Regular Meals.  Regular Physical Activity.

I know it sounds simple and that it's advice that you've probably heard before.  But that doesn't change its importance.  Your body's natural cadence for energy means that you'll be the most satisfied if you have something nutritious every 3-4 hours during the day.  Smaller, more-frequent meals are a great strategy for weight management when they're planned correctly.  Now, regular physical activity.  I'm not talking about 3 hours in the gym or running a marathon.  Physical activity for at least 30 minutes MOST days of the week.


So ladies, how do you think you're doing with these?  I think breaking it down to a few basic concepts helps us know where to focus our attention.  Any other women's health questions or concerns?!