Good health is on the horizon.

Sitraa Marketplace fuses a healthy grocery marketplace with point-of-purchase support and nutrition tools to help you build a healthier home.  We keep it simple, intuitive, and headache-free, all while helping to find you the best prices. 

Customized Grocery Shopping

Registered Dietitian Oversight

Screen out Allergens

Healthy Recommendation Engine

Proprietary Search Tools

Marketplace Tailored to Various Health Concerns

A new chronic care model.

Sitraa Health is a trusted partner of ACOs, physician practices, hospitals, and employers in dealing with the chronic care epidemic. We align our goals with your clinical outcomes. We have taken the responsibility to lead the charge with our innovative NutritionPlus platform.

NutritionPlus is a revolutionary platform of Registered Dietitians and a food/grocery marketplace designed to change the eating habits of patients with with chronic conditions; including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, insulin resistance and pro-inflammatory conditions.

  • Sitraa Health is a 100% HIPPA compliant, reliable and secure Platform technology
  • Accurate Nutrition Facts data and vast Registered Dietitian network
  • Provides secure communication between patients and dietitians
  • Provides 24/7 support via email and phone

If you are an employer looking to utilize Sitraa as part of your employee wellness program, or a medical practice or Accountable Care Organization looking to partner with Sitraa to improve the continuity of chronic care, please visit Sitraa Health today.

If you are a Registered Dietitian looking to join us in delivering this care, please go to SitraaHealth and register today and/or contact Whitney directly at with any questions or concerns

Sitraa Tools


Sitraa Marketplace offers food retailers to conduct a double-blinded survey of their products by a panel of Registered Dietitians.  The customized report generated is based on blinded professional expertise and can be used to build health branding and professional marketing efforts.  

Sitraa Score

Sitraa Marketplace has built an algorithm that calculates a score for every food that helps identify products that are lower in sugar and refined carbs and consist of a better balance of nutrients and quality carbohydrate.

Medical Nutrition Therapy Categorization and Tagging

Sitraa Marketplace is building out categorized health marketplaces for you to search by various terms such as medical condition (ex. diabetes, heart health), simplified health claims (ex. low fiber, high fiber, low sodium), and tags reflecting emerging medical nutrition therapy trends (ex. healthy aging and dementia disorders, micronutrient deficiency, healthy pregnancy).  With the tagging feature you can also turn on or off any variety of tags to find the items that best suit your needs, all while having access to our RD network for any nutrition questions you may have.

You can also search for a healthcare professional by specialty and location to view their services or check out our RD Marketplace for books, tools, and workshops created by a nutrition professional.